It is with great regret that we announce Cheese Posties is no longer trading.

After three years of extraordinarily hard work from our small but devoted team we have reached the end of the line and do not have the resources to continue operations.

We find ourselves with a strange combination of heavyheartedness but also pride and gratefulness to everyone who has been a subscriber, worked for us and helped us create a business that, for all the late nights and hard graft never felt much like work.

To set out every day alongside people that we love with the task of putting smiles on people’s faces has truly been an honour that has never been taken for granted, and to all the customers that drove that endeavour, we are deeply thankful.

Subscribers should check their email and potentially junk folders for further correspondence from specific to their accounts.

We started Cheese Posties to inspire people and help them believe it’s possible to break the mould in life. 

We poured our hearts, souls and years of our lives into making it something we were proud of.

For sharing that with us, we are truly grateful.

Your friends,
Cheese Posties